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Five Easy Steps to Test For COVID-19

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Schedule your test online and receive a QR code via text messaging or email.

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Drive to the test location at your scheduled time and check-in using your phone.

We Collect the Samples

Our licensed clinician will greet you and take a painless, oral swab from your mouth.

Fast Results in 48-hours

You will be notified by text message and email when your results are ready.

Find a Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tests are provided?

NeedACovidTest provides both PCR and Antibody tests.

  • A PCR test determines if the virus is present using an FDA approved oral swab (less painful) that our clinicians administer.
  • An Antigen test is administered the same way as a PCR and provides a rapid indication of the existence of the COVID-19 virus.

At NeedACovidTest, we perform both the PCR and Antigen at the same time.

Antigen or Antibody - What's the difference?

Antigen test is a swab of the nose that detects active virus to determine if you have COVID-19 and could be infectious.

The antibody test is a finger prick blood test that detects antibody that suggest you have had the virus in the past but does not mean you would be immune to COVID-19 if you tested positive.

How much does it cost?

There will be no out of pocket costs for you or your loved ones tests. If you don't have insurance, your test is free.

How will I get my results?

We will send your results to your referred device via text message (SMS) or email.

Where can I get tested?

We are currently serving locations across Texas.

Are appointments required?

For fast results and to avoid waiting, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by clicking the "Book An Appointment Now" button on this site. However, walkups are welcome and we will create an appointment for you if you do not have one. Please bring proper state issued ID and your medical insurance card (if applicable). is growing rapidly across the U.S. to help stop the spread of COVID-19.